Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Amish Watermelon...Tastes Like a Jolly Rancher!!!

Amish Watermelon for Breakfast

On Monday I went to lunch with a former co-worker. It was so nice getting out and having a quiet conversation with her. We met at my favorite organic market, Food and Thought. On the side of the market they have a small organic restaurant. Each day they feature a special raw entree along with other raw "regulars" on the menu. I had the  Raw Pad Thai and it was bliss in my mouth. I have been wanting to make Raw Pad Thai and this got me super excited to finally give it a try. I still have to get my spiralizer!! That will be purchased this week for sure.
After lunch I had to shop of course, for a cart full of organic produce, sprouting seeds, coconut butter and some Amish Watermelon!!!! These babies were gigantic! They were selling for $0.99/pound. So I decided to get a pre-cut wedge. I didn't want to spend $15 on a watermelon. I do have limits. As it was this wedge cost me over $6. Was it worth it?? Oh yes! When I put that first piece into my mouth all I could think of were Jolly Ranchers, yeah you know the watermelon ones that make your saliva flow like a river. Of course this watermelon wasn't sour or as disgustingly sweet as a sugar filled Rancher, but you get the point. It had the intense watermelon flavor. I had a large bowl for my breakfast. Nothing else, just the bowl of watermelon. I don't mix anything with melon, ever! It doesn't do a body good. But this breakfast did my body good, that's for sure. I am trying to only have fruits in the morning during the summer. It has worked out really well for me. I stay satisfied and I feel really hydrated.

                                                       My Serving

I even had some leftover to enjoy another day, and the rind is going into the compost bin.

My Leftovers

                                                                     Going to the Compost Bin

 This watermelon came from Smyrna View Farms in Christiana, PA. If you come across Amish Watermelons, I encourage you to give them a try. The fact that they have SEEDS is what initially sold me. I don't eat seedless watermelon. If they are seedless, they have to have been tampered with somewhere in their past...not in their natural state as far as I'm concerned. So that makes me think that they also will  lack their original nutritional content. I just want real food, I am so tired of all of the produce in the markets that are no longer "real". It seems like everything has been messed with in a lab somewhere. Farming just isn't farming anymore. Keep it local. Buy as local as you can they say. Well, here in Florida all they have is seedless watermelon so the most local one I could find with seeds came from PA. That is sad! Peace and Have a Great RAW Day!
~JMJ~ Today I am grateful for great friends who let me raid their mango and apple custard trees yesterday. Future post.


evergreen said...

That melon sounds incredible...must look for it!

kelli said...

my mom was just saying yesterday she's tired of the taste of seedless watermelons. i agree. they must not have the same nutrition if they taste so bland.

i'm not too far from PA - i need to find where those are being sold!

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