Monday, August 16, 2010

Our Magnificent Mini Organic Bananas

Our Organic Bananas from the Backyard

Several weeks ago I walked out to the back yard and almost broke out into tears. Two of our banana trees had fallen over from the weight of the banana bunches on them. They were still dark green and I thought they would be a total loss. I decided to cut them off the tree, bring them inside and see what would happen. To our surprise they slowly started to ripen. Each day we got more and more excited as we watched the faint shade of yellow appear. They finally started getting tiny brown spots and I knew they were ready for a taste test. Let's just say the little ones could not stop eating them. I froze half for our raw ice kream recipes and green smoothies, and there are still about five left for eating as snacks.
Here is our 4 year old enjoying his "cute" banana.

Look at Those Cheeks!!... Mom Wants to Eat Em!

The kids just kept saying, "They are so tiny and cute!!"Usually when they stay on the tree and reach maturity they are much larger. We don't remove the bunch until they are yellow and starting to get their brown freckles. Unfortunately this time we were not able to do that. I am happy to say that even though these were tiny they still had their amazing flavor. If you have never tried a Florida banana like this you are missing out on a rare treat. Wish I could share some with you!

The Key Lime tree is looking beautiful. I can't wait to post about them as they become closer to harvest time. I want to make several raw key lime treats. Peace and RAW Health.

~JMJ~Today I am grateful for the gluten free and dairy free baked good recipes that I was able to make for our children the past few days. It has been a struggle trying to find out what was and may still be , upsetting our son's system but I am grateful that things are being revealed to me and I am learning more and more each day. My prayer is for his complete healing and I have faith that that will happen!


kelli said...

that's amazing you have a banana and lime tree! can we see photos of them please?=)

so cute the kids enjoy the mini bananas. your son is adorable!

Elizabeth said...

Hey Kelli,
YES I will add pics to this post. I was going to run down and take a photo this morning but I was still in my PJ's. After I get dressed I'll snap a few and post them here!! :)

Cynthia said...

You bananas are so cute!!!! It was great to arrive home safely and spend some time reading your posts. You were busy while I was away.

Happy to hear Eric Jr. is doing well with his new food choices.

I made a huge salad and started my sprouts. It's good to be home.

I'm ordering Sunflower seeds to sprout. What other kinds of seeds grow well in your Simple Sprouting Tray method? I bought my soil and tray today and want to get started right away.

We need to get caught up, lets talk soon

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