Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wheatgrass on the Go

Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass Powder
Look at the beautiful gift I received in the mail the other day! Boy was I shocked to see a full box of my favorite Wheatgrass Powder. I had requested some samples before our Orlando trip and the company sent me about 6 sachets. It proved to be the most convenient way to have wheatgrass on the go while traveling. I easily mixed it up each morning in our hotel room. I was worried about traveling while raw, wondering if I would be able to pack everything I needed to get my daily dose of greens. Well, this product solved that problem perfectly. I loved it so much and wanted the entire family to sample some. (I admit I was greedy and drank all of the sachets) I wrote to a gentleman at the company requesting a few more sachets and he sent me a full box of wheatgrass powder!! This box contains 66 sachets!
I really love starting my morning with a glass full of this amazing product. It has a fresh, clean taste. Very smooth, no grit. It doesn't leave any after taste and makes me feel wonderful. I drink it on an empty stomach and wait at least 45 minutes before I have my morning meal. You don't have to wait that long, but I feel satisfied for at least 45 minutes, sometimes up to an hour after drinking it. I don't like to eat until I feel hunger, so that is why I chose to wait.
 I had posted some facts about Easy Pha-max wheatgrass on a previous post, I will re-post them here:

The wheat grass I drank was a powder from
I signed up for free samples on their website. It is a great product. The taste is fine. I get more of a grain taste from it than a grassy one. It is just unexplainable, and  quite pleasant. I drink it right down in about 5 seconds. No after taste at all! It is best to always take it on an empty stomach for proper absorption. It is assimilated into the bloodstream in about 20 minutes.

The Grass and Roots

The company, Easy Pha-max states ten reasons why they love wheatgrass:

"Ten Reasons Why We Love Wheatgrass"

1. A Complete Food. Easy Pha-max wheatgrass is the ONLY wheatgrass that includes the roots containing anti-cancer agents. One serving provides 17 kinds of amino acids, 13 vitamins, 10 minerals, fiber, chlorophyll and over 100 types of enzymes.

2. An easy way to eat vegetables, good source of fiber. Dr. Schnabel estimated that 15 pounds of wheatgrass is equal to 350 pounds of garden vegetables in nutritional value.

3. The king of alkaline food, helps maintain pH balance of the body. The human body, except for the stomach, maintains a slightly alkaline pH. If this is altered and acid wastes are constantly produced, various health problems arise. Most of us have an acidic body due to acid forming foods, negative emotions and a stressful lifestyle. Too much acid waste hinders absorption of nutrients, slows down the body's natural healing capacity, and stimulates abnormal cells to grow. Wheatgrass can neutralize acids better than most other fruits and vegetables.

4. The "Green Blood", Supports blood production and circulation. Wheatgrass contains 70% chlorophyll. Chlorophyll carries oxygen, nutrients and energy from the sun. Studies have shown that chlorophyll, which has a similar molecular structure with hemoglobin, intensifies blood production, improves it's quality and prevents anemia. Being oxygen rich, chlorophyll also promotes proper oxygenation of cells and better blood circulation.

5.  Provides "Green Power", energizes and detoxifies the body. There are many active compounds in wheatgrass that help cleanse the blood, neutralize toxins and eliminate fats, mineral deposits and proteins that are clogging our system.

6. Rich in powerful enzymes. Every chemical reaction inside the body and every action that we make requires 1000's of enzymes. With age the amount of enzymes the body can produce on its own diminishes. Supplementing our body with enzyme-rich food enhances our cellular activity. More than 100 types of enzymes have been identified in wheatgrass. Two of the most important enzymes recognized are SOD (Super Oxide Dimustase), a potent antioxidant and P4D1, first known substance to actually stimulate repair of the DNA molecule. Both of these enzymes have anti-aging propertities.

7. Helps prevent cancer. In a study done in Texas, Dr. Chui-nan demonstrated that wheatgrass inhibits the activity of cancer causing agents, thus preventing the initiation of tumors. A plant hormone Abscissic Acid is found in wheagrass. It is a phyto-hormone that makes cancer cells vulnerable to the immune system of the body. The enzyme p4D1 strips the cancer of its protective covering and encourages cellular death. Wheatgrass has always been one of the mainstays of anti-cancer programs popular in the Hippocrates Institute of Dr. Ann Wigmore.

8. Enhances wound healing, good for the skin too! During WWII, wounded solders used chlorophyll derivatives topically and noticed loss of odor and foul-smelling wounds, faster healing and drying effect of pus and abscesses. Some legs were even saved from amputation. Dr. Carol Wright of Philadelphia also used chlorophyll in different types of skin diseases and found it to be especially useful in addressing chronic ulcers and impetigo. Other than healing diseases, wheatgrass juice is also good in energizing the skin.

9. Great internal deodorant. Dr. Howard Westcott discovered that chlorophyll extracts can neutralize offensive odors in food, alcohol and tobacco. Also, in patients and volunteers, it effectively neutralized bad breath, body odor from perspiration, menstrual odors and foul smelling urine and stools.

10. Good for intestinal problems and inflammatory conditions. Wheatgrass is rich in fiber that helps clear out toxins and garbage in the digestive tract. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and is great for addressing ulcers, colitis, sigmoiditis, pancreatitis and other inflammatory conditions.

WOW...doesn't that get you excited about wheatgrass?? It does me!
Go to their web site and request your free samples today!!

~JMJ~ Today I am grateful for kind and generous people. Thank you Ken!!
Peace and RAW Health.


Elizabeth said...

I just have to post a comment on my wheatgrass post. It is so funny, every time I write about wheatgrass no one comments. I wonder how many raw foodists really do love their wheatgrass???
I think this form of it is great. I love drinking it each morning!! And I am still working on my goal of growing my own!!! Will post that as I get closer to success.
Peace and RAW Green Health,

Ken Hall said...

What makes Best Organic Wheatgrass Different from Others?
1. Grown aeroponically and contains the roots and the blades.
2. The roots have (3) cancer fighting agents, (13 amino acids in the roots compared to only (4) in the blades, and SOD a cell renewal and repair agent.
3. Contains no gluten, because it is harvested before the wheat berry forms.
4. Cold dried process maintains the enzymes and nutrients.
5. One tray of wheatgrass is equal to 4 packets.
6. Convenient single packets make it easy to take with you to the gym, when you travel, or just need an added boast of energy. Simply pour into your sports bottle, shake and you're good to go.
7. When you open it you use it, unlike jar powders when opened oxidize and nutrients are lost.
8. Many people think they have allergies when much of the time it is because of the mold, fungus, or bacteria in the soil.
9. The root neutralizes the flavor, therefore no pungent or bitter taste. Taste is more like a green tea.
10. Cost less than juice bar wheatgrass shots.

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