Wednesday, August 18, 2010

WOOHOO!! I Got Gudernoobs!!

GUDERNOOBS, what's a Gudernoob you ask? Well, allow me to tell you. Gudernoobs are a sweet and tasty, bite-sized chew. Are they raw you ask? Well, I asked one of the founders and she said, yes. How did I come across Gudernoobs? My husband brought home a few from work. He knew I would be really excited about this healthy snack. It is similar to a raw fudge that I make. 
I looked on the back of the bag and decided to  call the number. I thought I was calling someone in Ohio, as the address on the bag read, little did I know I actually was calling someone right here in my town. One of the founders returned my phone message promptly. I saw my area code on the caller ID and thought maybe she was here vacationing. We do live in a very popular vacation destination spot. But it turns out, she actually lives here!! Too funny. I asked her if I could get a full bag to sample with my family and to review for my blog. She got me out a package in the mail that same week.

I was very pleased to sample these yummy treats with my family and I wish WOOHOO Foods only success.

"They are made from a healthy combination of dried fruit and other natural ingredients that are dressed up to look like popular candy or junk food snacks."

They come in four flavors:
Big Time Brownie
Awesome Apple Cider
Perfect Peanut Butter
Outrageous Oatmeal Banana

Guternoobs contain the following real foods:
dates, raisins, walnuts, bananas, apples, cocoa, oatmeal, flax, cinnamon, vanilla, and peanuts.
When I asked her if they were raw I think she may have thought I just meant not cooked/baked. I cannot verify if the oats, cocoa and nuts are actually "raw" in the sense that raw foodists eat raw. I don't eat peanuts and neither do most raw foodists so you could just share the peanut butter ones with someone who is not adhering to a strict raw diet. If you want to confirm whether or not they are truly raw you would have to contact the company.
These certainly would be a healthy snack alternative though for family members that are not eating strictly raw foods. I did actually taste all of them so I could properly do a review of them. My favorite is the Awesome Apple Cider. My 13 year old son's favorites are the Perfect Peanut Butter and the Awesome Apple Cider. My 6 year old loves them all as does the 23 month old. He kept yelling for one after the other. Look at him here enjoying his Gudernoobs.

                       My Mouth is Full of Gudernoobs

 My oldest child does not like dates but she agreed to taste the Big Time Brownie and the Awesome Apple Cider. Her favorite was the Awesome Apple Cider. The hubby likes all of the flavors but likes Awesome Apple Cider the best. 
The founders have an awesome story to tell. WooHoo Foods was founded by two moms who wanted something better for their kids. The idea of creating a new-wave snack product came from one of their second-grade daughters.
Gudernoobs are available online at
You can read all about the company and their delicious product there.
Thank you Holly and Ellen for sending me a bag of your delicious treats! Our family really enjoyed tasting them!
~JMJ~ Today I am grateful for the safe return of my brother, his wife and two boys from their camping trip. I am very thankful that they did not have a dangerous encounter with any bears!! I was truly worried. Peace and Hugs!!


Jessica said...

mmmm they sounds yummy!! The Brownie ones seem right up my alley!! :)

evergreen said...

Thanks for introducing me to the name! Your little one is adorable eating them:)

kelli said...

woohoo, they sound amazing!!! i'm inspired to try and recreate those flavors in my food processor!

GSMom said...

Thanks for the link! I went to the website and saw that they're also high in omega-3s which I've been wanting to supplement in my son's diet. This should be worth a try, xoxo!

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