Thursday, October 7, 2010

RAW Fruit Fajitas

Want a super simple raw fajita recipe?? This one even travels well; I had to eat it driving to an appointment the other day. You may have to stop and floss though, I felt like I had pear skin stuck in my front teeth. You can relate can't you CYNTHIA???
 I used whole romaine leaves as my "wraps" and sliced up a bunch of ripe fruit for my filling, topped it with some of my homegrown sprouts and I was in RAW Heaven! Take a look at how simple this delicious meal is:
Yummy Filling

Romaine Wraps

RAW Fruit Fajitas
1 small head of organic romaine leaves
1 organic banana
1 pear
1 nectarine
1-2 kiwis
broccoli and red clover sprouts

Slice all of the fruit into thin, long strips. Lay one piece of each fruit along the romaine leaf, top with sprouts and ENJOY!
~JMJ~ Today I am grateful for cool mornings. You have no idea how excited I get when you can go outside at 8AM and not break out into a sweat. We are having cool mornings here in SW Florida and we couldn't be more grateful!! We have several months of hot, sticky, humid weather down here so whenever we get a break from the heat we are very HAPPY!


Cynthia said...

I just sat down to read your blog with my big bowl of fruit. I wish I wouldn't of chopped up all my romaine or I would of made a wrap.

I bought pomegranates for the first time ever. I wasn't impressed. Maybe I ate them wrong. Just bite into it like a apple right?

Ha Ha just kidding. They were really bitter and its weird eating seeds. Too expensive too.

I think I will juice the other one. Take care Cynthia

Mr. H. said...

What a perfect meal. We are always making breadless "salad sandwiches" for our grandson, I will have to incorporate some fruits into them and see what he thinks of that.:)

Elizabeth said...

The kids and I LOVE pomegranet(sp?) seeds!! You either love them or dislike them terribly I think. They are so amazing on salads.
Peace & Hugs,

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