Monday, March 21, 2016

Fasting, Prayer, and Work

Monday of Holy Week 
I'm very excited to spend this week in prayer, fasting on freshly made juices, and spring cleaning the house with the children. We always stop our homeschooling during this very important time in our Liturgical Year. Our days are spent focusing on our Lord through increased prayer, Bible reading, attending daily Mass, and discovering new ways that each of us can deepen our relationship with Our Lord. And I'm not only cleaning the house but by fasting I'm working on cleaning out any road blocks that are in my way. Cleaning out anything in my body that doesn't belong--this includes toxins, emotions, fears, old tendencies, bad thoughts, and past emotional traumas.
Fasting on juices and water allows me to focus on cleaning out the old and making a hospitable environment for the NEW! I also do this fasting in conjunction with deeper, more intense and focused prayer. I seem to be able to focus best when I am fasting, this is why my normal daily routine involves intermittent fasting. There's just no denying how wonderful it makes me feel.
I'm excited to journal this week of fasting with you! 
Here is how my day unfolded:
Upon rising I had 12 ounces of purified water.
Then I made some lemon, ginger, cayenne water in my Blendtec blender. I had 12 ounces. 

Later I had 12 ounces of purified water.
The boys and I did our morning prayers, listening to the USCCB Daily Readings and then watched the video reflection. Then we headed out to attend noon Mass.
When we returned home I had a 2.5 ounces of freshly juiced wheatgrass.

Roughly 20 minutes later I made some Carrot Cucumber Juice. It yielded 1 1/2 cups worth.

During the day I took time to do a coffee enema to help aid in my cleansing. 
I had more purified water, a 12 oz glass, after my carrot cucumber juice.
Finished off the lemon, ginger, and cayenne water.
Late in the afternoon I made a yummy beet and grapefruit juice that totaled 2 1/2 cups.

When the family sat down for dinner, I came to the table with a delectable 16 oz green juice made with:
Asparagus, celery, cilantro, lemon, broccoli stems, cucumber, and fenugreek sprouts.

 I also had 10 ounces of warm "Organic Dao Ren Tea" at dinner.

After dinner, to get my lymphatic system pumping, my husband and the three youngest joined me on a 36 minute walk. It was quite chilly so when we got back from our walk I made a warm cup of dandelion tea (10 oz). And guess what??? On the walk I found a green coconut filled to the brim with water. I'll be cracking into that tomorrow on Day 2 of my water/juice feast.
To end this marvelous day I had 12 ounces of purified water about an hour before bed as I read and meditated on The Passion, in the Gospel of Matthew, Chapters 26 &  27. 

What I Consumed:
12 oz water
12 oz lemon, ginger, cayenne water
12 oz water
2 1/2 oz fresh wheatgrass juice
1 1/2 C carrot cucumber juice
12 oz water
6 oz lemon, ginger, cayenne water
2 1/2 C beet grapefruit juice
16 oz green juice 
10 oz Dao Ren Tea
10 oz dandelion tea
12 oz water

Reflection on my day: Everything went smoothly today and I never once felt hungry nor desired any solids. We got started on our spring cleaning and plan on doing some deep cleaning over the next few days. I'm always so grateful for the opportunity to grow more in love with Christ each and every day, but I'm especially grateful for the intimate time I have with Him during Holy Week each year. I'm a sinner striving for sainthood--as we are ALL called by God to be saints and live forever with Him in Paradise. I stumble and I fall, but I humble myself and take advantage of the sacrament of reconciliation, welcoming the Graces that only He can give. 
It's now 10:24 pm and I'm going to bed, feeling very satisfied.

+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for this beautiful day spent with The Lord and my children. And I'm very grateful for finding that young, green, Florida coconutšŸ˜œ

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