Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Day 14 of Raw Shred, Blessing the Nativity and O Antiphons

18 oz lemon water

2 oz fresh wheat grass juice

Mug of organic coffee with 1 tsp of organic coconut sugar

Today we set up the Nativity, blessed it and then had our prayer circle time around it.

We blessed the stable and manger.

Then the animals
We then blessed the Angels and shepherds.

 The star and the Magi

And finally Mary, Joseph, and the Christ Child.
We then safely tucked the Christ Child away until Christmas Eve.

We begin each school day with our prayer circle time. I sit with the children on the floor and we pray the rosary, say our regular morning prayers and offer prayer intentions for whomever is on our prayer list that day. Then we read some poetry or a particular folk tale, learn a new song or read story of interest. But during the various celebrations of each Liturgical year we get to focus on particular devotions and traditions making for an very varied and exciting year for the children. This is the active component of their Catechism. I am truly thankful and feel so blessed that I can be the primary educator of our children. 

Today in addition to the blessing of the Nativity we began the reading of the "O" Antiphons.

I made a simple display out of ribbon and the images our daughter drew for us a few years ago. Each symbol is placed on the ribbon backwards/facing the door.

 Then as each reading is said it is turned forward so that on Christmas Eve all 7 symbols will be displayed. The "O" Antiphons are read from December 17 - 23, the seven days before The Nativity.

16 oz of lemon water

Today's Workout:

Arms with Tone It Up:

Then I did a 37 minute body weight cardio plus lower body strength training( 1 round):

Lastly  a 10 minute HIIT routine:

16 oz of lemon water

16 oz of lemon water

Today I actually did not have my first meal of the day until dinner time. I of course had my usual blended soup. Today I blended wild Boreal blueberries, bananas, spinach and sunflower greens. 
Top photo shows the actual color--it is screaming nutrients!!!

About 2 hours later I was wanting a salad. Simple salad of romaine, orange bell pepper, organic mushrooms, and some organic cucumber.

But it was lacking color so I added 3 organic Roma tomatoes!!
Before bed time rolled around I had had roughly 18 more ounces of lemon water.

+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for the chilly weather--it makes us feel like we have a winter time too :) We had another fire last night and watched Polar Express.

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