Sunday, December 22, 2013

Day 18 of Raw Shred

32 oz of water

2 oz of fresh wheat grass juice

Mug of organic coffee with 1 tsp organic coconut sugar

32 oz of water w/ lime juice

Today we prayed the 5th O Antiphon and blessed the tree. Today the ornaments go on the tree and then we wait in anticipation!

16 oz of water

Today's Work out began with arms:

Next up a butt and thigh:

Total Body Cardio was next:

I skipped the cool down and did more cardio:

Did it 3 times over; I still had more songs on the Nano that I wanted to hear :)

Today I made the children a Strawberry Mylk Shake:

2 T organic flax seeds
raw cauliflower
Bag of organic frozen strawberries
1/2 of a small Haas avocado

+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for our beautiful Christmas tree. 


blessedmama said...

How did the shred go? How were your holidays?

Elizabeth said...

It went really well, thank you! I really saw some great results and continue to be doing pretty much the same thing. Christmas and New Years were wonderful, I just have been so swamped schooling the kids that I have yet to post about our surprise Christmas for the children. I will be working on it this week...please stay tuned!
Hope you had a lovely Christmas and I wish you a Happy New Year.
Peace & Raw Health,

kelli said...

hi elizabeth! was thinking of you today. glad to see you're doing well! xoxoxo

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Kelli!! Happy Belated New Year to you!!