Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Day 7 of Shred and Composting

When one consumes as much produce as our family does you make a ton of trash, in the way of fruit and vegetable scraps and wheatgrass mats. But instead of throwing them in the trash, why not allow them to break down and create some wonderful compost for the garden?! In years past I use to compost in large Rubbermaid bins that I kept on the side of the house. We filled them so quickly with scraps that I realized I needed a much larger system. To keep things simple, I found an isolated spot in the yard that is not visible to the neighbors. It just so happens to be below our upper deck making it super simple for the kids and I to just walk out the front door and toss the scraps onto the pile. It is behind our fence and is very easy to rake due to the fact that I have no sides or walls around it like most compost bins. It literally is just a big pile on the lawn. I have 2-3 avocado trees that sprung up in the pile too. Very cool. I will transplant them once they grow a little bigger.

Day 7 of Raw Shred

16 oz lemon water

2 oz fresh wheat grass juice

Mug of organic coffee with 1 tsp coconut sugar

Smoothie/Soup of the Day:

Half a bag of Trader Joe's Very Cherry Blend

4 bananas

1 T Organic India fiber


2 C kale

2 extra bananas to slice on top

Today's workout began with Fitness Blenders Easy Warm Up:

Jumped into a 9 minute Calorie Burn here:

Next I did a Full Body Fat Burner: (they are corny but it BURNS!!)

Then I did a Low Impact Cardio:

And I ended with a Booty Burn:

I blended together:

2 bananas (ripe, see the spots!!)

1/2 of an English cucumber

2 organic pears from TJ's

1/2 of a bag of TJ's Herb Salad Mix

1 organic green apple

Pre-Dinner Juice:

About an hour later I made a carrot, pineapple juice for the family and had what was left over after serving them. It was simply organic carrots and half of a fresh pineapple, core included!!


I made some simple open face sandwiches with my carrot, flax flat bread. The bread was a bit dry so I spread a very thin layer of Vegenaise on it and then topped them with tomato, dill and broccoli sprouts.

+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for a speedy recovery for child #3. Poor thing ate something bad last night and was up sick until the wee hours of the morning. But around 3:30 am he fell asleep and so did I. He is all better today, thank goodness!

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kelli said...

i love your composting system and am glad your little one is better! xoxoxo

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