Sunday, December 15, 2013

Day 11 of Raw Shred and Naughtiness

16 oz lemon water

2 oz fresh wheatgrass juice

Mug of organic coffee with 1 tsp coconut sugar

16 oz of water with the juice of a Meyer lemon

Today's Workout:

Cardio Warm up:

Next up a 30 minute Brutal Butt and Thigh workout:

Skipped the cool down because I went right on to Arms:

Ended with a Cardio Bootcamp:

Loads of water throughout the day.

Today's Blended Soup:

Blended together organic mixed berry blend, 4 bananas, water, baby bok choy, organic kale  and Organic India fiber.

I am bummed to say that my sprouting experiment did not work....I guess only sprouting seeds work. I have enough of those that is for sure but I was just trying to use up some old gardening seeds since I did not get my square foot gardens in this year.

Some Naughtiness at Tonight's Dinner:

Several years ago I had to give up wheat. My body said enough is enough. I was very sick and would breakout head to toe in hives every time I consumed it. Over the years I have had a few occasions where I had been exposed to wheat and was fortunate enough not to "hive out". I choose to avoid it, now that I know all of the health dangers it poses. Last night I was flirting with potential danger as I had some veggie pizza. It was loaded with just barely cooked veggies, no cheese, but a crust that was not gluten free. Unfortunately this was not an option at this particular restaurant. I woke up today hive free and am hoping that will remain true the rest of the day!! I forgot to take a picture of the beautiful veggies on top :(

+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for finding my party dress and earrings, thanks to my Mom!! Now I just need to get some shoes and jewelry.

1 comment:

kelli said...

yay for finding a dress! it can get stressful, can't it? lucky for me i have a stylish sister who wears a similar size. she's saved me on so many occasions!

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